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  • -  please close the metal shutters when you leave the house at night

  • -  please only use the beach towels for the garden and the beach

  • -  after your stay please put the towels in the linen baskets and don’t leave them

    (wet) on any furniture

  • -  please don’t move any furniture or decoration in the house and please don’t put interior furniture outside

  • -  we have a nespresso coffee machine. nespresso pads or cups are fore sale at FORUM and MAR shopping mall

  • -  please be carefull with the floor and try to prevent stains (especially from fruit, wine and grease/oil)

  • -  if using a lot of sunlotion a yellow line may appear in the pool. this is not an indication of the water quality

  • -  pets are not allowed

  • -  please don’t smoke inside the house!!

  • -  please close the big metal shutter in the living room every night to prevent that the

    irrigation system sprays the big window in the morning

  • -  don’t forget to take the sunbeds and personal items from the lawn in the evening to

    prevent them to get wet by the irrigation system

  • -  the gardener / poolman will pass by once a week (normally on friday)

  • -  we have a sonos sound system in casa luum: you need to install their app (sonos

    controller) on your smartphone

  • -  internet password: #secret#
    sometimes we have no signal for internet/tv in the area. we really can’t do anything about this since this is a local problem. normally service is repaired within 24 hours.

  • -  dishwasher programs: 65° (normal – 120 min) / 50° (ecological – 140 min) / 40° (fine– 70 min) / 45° (quick – 30 min)

  • -  we provide towels and beach towels

  • -  think about the environment: try to sort the garbage for recycling purposes and be

    economical with water and electricity

  • -  please throw away the garbage before the end of your stay at the containers near the

    road to the village. If you leave the garbage in the house a fee of 25 eur will be charged

  • -  be sure that the light from the pool is turned off during the day (grey push-button in hall)

    since it consumes a lot of energy

  • -  it’s recommanded to store the google cordinates of the house in your navigation system

    from the moment you arrive. If you have WAZE on your mobile you can enter ‘casa


  • -  please don’t use the wood in the house for the fire place

  • -  all damage during the stay of the guests/tenants is the full responsibility of the guests and

    will be deducted from the breakage deposit

  • -  the fire place and BBQ have to be cleaned by the guest before departure. if not cleaned

    25 eur will be charged

  • -  please make sure all the cutlery and kitchenware are clean before departure.

  • -  please don’t put a baby pool on the lawn since this damages the grass

  • -  please always use a beach towel on the white sunbeds and garden chairs

  • -  be careful with leaving valuable belongings in the house while you’re out to prevent


  • -  please don’t leave personal items after your stay

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